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Explore our collection of video workouts designed to keep you active and healthy, both on and off the ice.

On-Ice Lessons

Dive into our on-ice training videos, where experienced instructors guide you through skating techniques, drills, and exercises.

Perfect your skating skills, improve your balance, and enhance your agility with these engaging and informative workouts.

Jovana Tomovic

Coach, SC Olimpik

Exercise – Marching / Walking On Ice

It is important for the beginner to hold onto the coach or the rink

Exercise – Backward March

Marching backward is performed in the same way as marching forwards

Exercise – Squats

Starting position with both legs, arms extended. Transitional position bend

Exercise – How To Stop On Ice – Plug

To move more safely, freely, and quickly on the ice

Exercise – Leaves (Lemons, Ballons)

The support is on both legs, knees slightly bent, arms extended

Exercise – Rabbit’s Jump

Rabbit jumps are performed by short and low jumps.

Exercise – How To Stop – T Stop

To move more safely, freely, and quickly on the ice

Exercise – Fall

The skater has likely fallen while performing exercises

Exercise – Leaves Backward

Leaves backward is the same exercise as exercise Leaves.

Exercise – Turn With 2 Legs

Starting position: support on both legs, the arms are extended

Off-Ice Lessons

Discover our off-ice training videos, offering a diverse range of workouts to complement your on-ice training regimen.

From strength and conditioning exercises to flexibility routines and core workouts.

Jovana Stanisavljevic

Coach, SC Olimpik

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