Project Participants 

Welcome to Skate for Health – an initiative that brings smiles to children’s faces through fun and active skating sessions! We are proud to announce that we have organized exciting ice skating sessions in collaboration with local kindergartens, providing an opportunity for an unforgettable skating experience.

We were thrilled to host over 300 youngsters from local kindergartens, where everyone embarked on the adventure of skating together, creating precious memories and discovering the joys of an active lifestyle.

Our goal is to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles among children, and organizing these ice skating sessions is just one way we achieve that. Each session offers children the chance to develop motor skills, build confidence, and enjoy physical activity in a fun way.





Staff Members

The response from children, both from private and state-owned kindergartens, surpassed our expectations, demonstrating a keen interest in the project activities.

Despite the unplanned enrollment of children we successfully implemented the project thanks to the collaborative efforts of volunteers and other clubs, particularly the Belgrade Ice Hockey Federation. Their enthusiasm was palpable, especially considering that half of the total number of registered children were boys, reflecting a diverse and inclusive participation.

The carefully planned training sessions held served as a cornerstone in providing children with invaluable ice-skating experiences. With the support of our partners, volunteers, and the local community, Skate for Health continues to inspire children to be active, happy, and healthy.

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