Exercise – Marching / Walking On Ice

The first exercise in ice skating goes by the name Marching or Walking On Ice. This exercise is a fundamental building block for beginners. Establishing a firm foundation is crucial, and it begins with gripping onto the coach or the rink railing for stability. Beginners should grip the railing with their right hand and extend their left hand outward. They should find a balance between security and freedom of movement along the standard counterclockwise path.

Ensuring support on both legs with slightly bent knees and arms stretched out, beginners gradually lift one leg. Then lift the other one, in a rhythmic alternation. This motion not only helps develop coordination but also strengthens the necessary muscles for maintaining balance on the ice. Beginners often instinctively lean forward, a natural response to the unfamiliar terrain and the desire to avoid falling backward.

You can now walk on ice

Achieving proficiency in marching or walking on ice marks a significant milestone, signaling readiness to advance to more challenging exercises. For further assistance and resources, platforms like https://olimpikklizacki.club or https://dk-celje.si offer invaluable guidance tailored to aspiring skaters at every stage of their ice journey.

The journey of mastering ice skating begins with mastering the basics, like walking or marching on ice. As beginners gain confidence and skill in this foundational exercise, they not only improve their physical abilities but also cultivate a deeper understanding of balance and movement on the ice. Each step forward, quite literally, brings them closer to unlocking the exhilarating potential of the sport.

With dedication and practice, even the most inexperienced skater can progress from gripping the railing for stability to gliding gracefully across the ice with confidence. Remember, every wobble and stumble is simply part of the learning process, leading to greater proficiency and enjoyment in the exhilarating world of ice skating.

Once you’ve mastered exercise walking or marching on ice, you can progress to the next excercise!

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