Exercise – Backward Crossovers

The exercise begins with a backward slide, in a counter-clockwise direction; approaching the curved part of the fence, it is necessary to turn the head back, and place the shoulders and hands on the circle – the whole body is turned towards the center of the circle. 

Then start pushing back and to the side with the left leg. After pushing off, the left leg is crossed to the inside of the right leg, the legs should be bent at the knee and the center of gravity of the body should be transferred from the right to the left leg, then push off with the right leg strongly under the left and back. 

The right leg is now free to return closer to the center of the circle. The right foot then “pushes” the ice under the left, and accelerates towards the outside of the circle. The left leg is free to start crossing again. With a uniform and good rhythm between crossing with the left foot and pushing away with the right, as well as with the pressure of the blade on the ice, it creates high speed when pushing (crossover).

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