Kick Off Meeting

Today, the Skate4Health adventure was officially launched at the kick-off online meeting.

Now it’s time to share our experiences in Belgrade.

Funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Sport program, the main goal of the project is to raise awareness of the healthy principle of Life through cooperation with preschool institutions and kindergartens.

Let’s inspire healthier lives for the next generation of our youngest!

Let’s inspire healthier lives for the next generation of youth!

Skate4Health is a two-year project between the two countries of Serbia and Slovenia.
This project is coordinated by the Olympic Skating Club, and financed by the European Commission • within the program Erasmus+ sport.
Project goals:

  • promoting the importance of regular physical activity and the positive values of sports;
  • enabling children aged 4 to 8 to get a taste of a sport that is less known and that they probably haven’t tried;
  • encouraging children to adhere to a healthy diet;
  • leading children to create new friendships and their growth.
    leading the children to form new friendships and growing them.
Kick Off Meeting
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